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iOS 15.6 has been released! | New Features, Bugs Resolved, and Security Improvement

Apple has released its all-new iOS 15.6. This article tells you about ios 15.6 features, ios 15.6 updates, ios 15.6 release date, ios 15.6 problems, ios 15.6 download, ios 15.6 new features, ios 15.6 beta, ios 15.6 jailbreaks, and a lot more

Hello Readers, If you are in touch with technology then you have discovered that The new ios 15.6 by Apple has been released. Read this article till the end to know about all of the features of ios 15.6. You can have a glimpse of the table of contents to have a better understanding of the article.

Table of Contents

Introduction to iOS 15.6

Update of ios 15.6 has arrived and now you can install this Update in your respective devices.

If we talk about the size of an update then it is somewhere near about 556MB which is quite big as compared to other iOS Updates. 

If you install the iOS over Wi-Fi, you will get a great experience.

Now talk about the new Features and Changes in ios 15.6 as Apple has released this software update after a long break. I believe that in September we can get the update of iOS 16 or we can expect some minor updates in between.

Devices compatible with iOS 15.6

We are going to get Apple’s iOS 15.6 in all iPhones FROM 6s Onwards. 

iOS 15.6 Bug Fixes

bug fixes of ios 15.6 | ios 15.6 | ios 15.6 new features

There are not a lot of features in iOS 15.6 but people were facing some problems that Apple resolves. There are also some minor changes which we are going to discuss ahead in the Article.

FIX 1: SAFARI Webpage Redirection

The first bug which has been fixed by Apple in iOS 15.6 is that when people were trying to open a webpage in Safari they were automatically redirected to the previous page. Now  This is solved, So you can enjoy your hassle-free Browsing experience over Safari.


Some people were getting troubled by the Storage Full notice being displayed to users by Settings even if the storage was available. This issue has also been resolved

Apple has also done some minor Security improvements but has not disclosed openly the same.

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iOS 15.6 New Features

ios 15.6 features ios 15.6 update, ios 15.6 release date, ios 15.6 problems, ios 15.6 download, ios 15.6 new features, ios 15.6 beta, ios 15.6 jailbreak,

If we talk about that what you are going to get new in iOS 15.6, here you go

#1: Safari Clear History Option

In the Safari  Browser, The Clear History and Mobile Data Button are used by you then let us suppose you have opened a tab in Safari and you click the button then everything got erased except the tab you have opened.

But in iOS 15.6 You will get an extra option to erase the data of the Tab you have opened at present.

#2: Battery Life in iOS 15.6

Now moving towards the second point which is related to the battery life, there is nothing new to tell about it as it will be the same as you were getting in ios 15.5.

#3: Modern Firmware in iOS 15.6

If you update your device from iOS 15.5 To 15.6 Then you are going to get new modern firmware. This means if you were experiencing any kind of network connectivity issues then all of them will be resolved.

#4: Apple TV App New Feature

If you are a frequent user of the Apple TV App then you are going to enjoy this new feature in which You can do Pause, Rewind, Fast Forward, and Restart a live sports game.

Should you update or not?

From our perspective, Apple has released this update after so long and has major security improvements, so you should definitely go for the Upgrade. There are also many behind the scene things which Apple has implemented in the same update, so we can only experience them after upgrading.

If you are a daily user of a TV App then you may find it useful. This was all about iOS 15.6. Do let us know what you liked the most in Apple’s all-new iOS Update of 15.6. 

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