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This article is going to be an informative piece of content describing “METAVERSE”‘ and its use cases. To know everything about metaverse and its use cases read the article till the end and Have a glimpse of the Table of Contents to have a better understanding of the Article.

 If I talk about 1990, Have you ever imagined that there will be a thing called “INTERNET” and in one click you’ll be able to get tons of Information, Watch Videos, Stream Movies, and a lot of content online? The answer is a BIG NO!

You in 1990, will never believe this statement and regarded me as CRAZY Dude because you have not experienced the Internet at that moment, and now the same case is with Metaverse. 

What is a Metaverse?

The metaverse is a Virtual World. You can have your home in Metaverse, Office, or Entertainment Places, in this virtual world. 

Metaverse is needed?

So yes many of our readers were asking if Metaverse is needed in reality or not. So the answer is YES. But how ? Read the next paragraph to know why is Metaverse important to have.

Why is Metaverse needed?

When we give more value to a virtual profile of a person over actual real value, then Metaverse has arisen.

See when you upload a pic on Instagram as a DP, You ensure that the pic looks perfect. The reason behind it is your Virtual presence over the platform. Now your original face and body will be replaced by AVATARS in Metaverse and Online Platforms that will be representing you.

If you are still confused then let me make things easier for you. You might have seen BITMOJIS on Snapchat when you design your replica by using the accessories present on the platform, that is how your AVATAR will be designed. Nowadays, Instagram is also offering an option to design your avatar, If you want to watch Our Avatar, Then Click here and also Do follow us over Instagram.

Use Cases of Metaverse

use cases of metaverse

Mark Zuckerberg said that “Metaverse is going to be easy for connecting with people”. Metaverse is going to be a blessing for the Tech Geeks since now more opportunities will be available for Students, and Internet users that will enable them to make more money and unlock more and more opportunities.

It has numerous use cases, from holding a meeting in your office to buying items from shopping platforms in virtual reality. The next Paragraphs will tell you about the use cases.

Office Meetings in Metaverse vs In Reality

meetings in metaverse | use cases of metaverse

Now you wonder if Facetime, Zoom, and Google Meet solve our purpose for this but the experience in this software is not up to the mark. You always have to ask the other person, “Am I audible, Is my internet connection stable? and a lot more”

The meeting in Metaverse will be done by Wearing a VR Headset which will allow you to experience the same atmosphere of your Office’s meeting hall and you will realize that the person is sitting just in front of you.

Facebook Meta and Microsoft are investing billions of Dollars in this project to lead the market.

Buying Real Estate

buying real estate in metaverse

When you thought of investing in Real Estate or Going to purchase a Hone for yourself then you have 3 options to start the process.

  1. Go to the Property by your car and then watch every corner of it.
  2. Open some websites and see a 360 view like you watch on Google Earth.
  3. Metaverse comes in, Now read it in an explained way.

Buying Property with help of Metaverse

Imagine you wear your VR Headset and Glasses, Then your avatar enters the room and goes into the room and feels it. After doing the whole process now you can decide whether you should buy that property or not.

Traveling in Metaverse

Travelling in metaverse | use cases of metaverse

Everyone has a dream of visiting a specific vacation place to enjoy their holidays but budget comes into the plan and disrupts it. With the Help of metaverse, this is possible.

You and your mates plan to travel and explore Thailand, then you meet them in Metaverse and your avatars can travel to Thailand explore various places there, spent some quality time, eat together and the feel will be amazing.

This is how Metaverse will help you to meet your friends sitting miles away, at a very cheap cost.

Fitness in Metaverse

fitness in metaverse | use cases of metaverse

If you are a fitness enthusiast then you go to the gym regularly and switch on the treadmill. The second option will be you can hear some podcasts while on the treadmill and enjoy your fitness session. But, Have you noticed that Your Fitness experience does not go beyond this.

In Metaverse, you can be doing your exercises by wearing the VR Headset in which you will be preparing yourself to fight from the mountains, run on the tracks, and a lot more. You can be a superhero in the world of metaverse alongside performing your daily fitness.

You can take your fitness to a next level by implementing it in the metaverse version.

Music Concerts in Metaverse

music concerts in metaverse

No, I am not talking about the normal concerts that happen in Open Theaters. This is going to be in Metaverse, Justin Bieber performed in a live concert in Metaverse where thousands of People around the world attended the concert. 

Now If Justin performed the same concert in the real world, Few of you guys have got the first seat but when you are in the metaverse you can enjoy and feel the pleasure of attending ca oncert by sitting on the first seat. There will be no restrictions on seating capacity. This will be an end-to-end profit for both Celebrity as well as his fans.

Shopping in Metaverse

shopping in metaverse | use cases of metaverse 2022

When you want to shop online nowadays you just log on to Amazon or Walmart then you select the product and add it to your cart.

This is what we are doing for years, Yes I know that in the 1990s this also use to look impossible but you know how it will be in Metaverse.

When adding a product to the cart in Metaverse then your avatar will pick the product from the virtual mall and then take you through the alleys for Checkout, The whole process will be so amazing when you will experience it in VR. 

Websites like Shopify have already started investing in these Metaverse Projects to make their user experience the best.

Gaming in Metaverse

gaming in metaverse | use cases of metaverse

Gaming is the most enjoyable task, which is loved by everyone, what if you can earn money by playing games in Metaverse. Yes, you can, Read the following paragraph to know about it.

Axie Infinity is one of the most popular games across the Globe in Metaverse. This is Play and Earn Game, which means that when you play the game you earn SLP – Smooth Loved Potion. SLP has a real USD Value, you can enjoy this money 

People in Ghana are playing this game and earning a lot of money. (NOTE: THIS IS NOT SPONSORED, PLAY ONLY IF YOU LIKE THIS)

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FAQs | Frequently asked questions

What is Metaverse?

Metaverse is a virtual world that allows you to do all of the things that you do in the real world like grabbing education, conducting meetings, traveling, fitness, gaming, and a lot more.

Can we earn money using Metaverse?

Yes, you can earn money by entering into the virtual world of Metaverse.

Can we buy real land in Metaverse?

In the coming years, you will be able to go and inspect the property that you wish to buy, and if you like the property then you will be able to buy the same by wearing your VR. All the operations which you have to do in the real world would have been done by the VR.

Can we invest in Real Estate in Metaverse?

Yes, there are a lot of projects which allow you to buy land in form of tiles in Metaverse. They are using Blockchain technology to keep track of your transactions.

Is metaverse safe in 2022?

Everything has its own benefits as well as disadvantages, which makes it poor or excellent. Metaverse is a blessing in disguise. It totally depends on how you use the technology.

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