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Wedding in Metaverse | Procedure, Expenses, Platforms, and Wedding Rituals

Wedding in the metaverse is one of the best use cases of Metaverse. This article tells you about wedding in metaverse, first wedding in metaverse, indian wedding in metaverse, wedding reception in metaverse, metaverse wedding in dubai, wedding in the metaverse. You can have a glimpse at Table of Contents.

Table of Contents

What is a metaverse? | Wedding in Metaverse

what is metaverse and use cases of metaverse in 2022

The metaverse is a virtual world that is made up of digital assets, wherein people from all over the world can connect with their digital avatars.

 As the world went through covid-19 and lockdown periods, online meetings and online schooling became the new normal. Virtual concerts and parties became new trends, People have started adapting a digital lifestyle and spending quality time on the internet.

During covid time when the world was going through a rough time, the Web3 domain opened up new opportunities to the world, companies started to provide work from home, anyone can work from anywhere and geographic boundaries doesn’t affect work as long as you have a decent internet connection.

Top Metaverse Platforms for Wedding | Wedding in Metaverse

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Metaverse is a new destination for virtual events including conferences, meetings, concerts, and parties. During the covid period when there were limitations on the number of gatherings of people, people started having virtual weddings so that everyone could join the wedding function virtually through phone, computer, or VR glasses.

There are plenty of metaverses wherein events like weddings can be hosted, but the best platform, as per my opinion is Decentraland, as it is a decentralized and open world, also it works smoothly even on computers with basic specifications and without any special GPU or hardware requirements.


It’s one of the biggest metaverse and complete decentralized 3d environments, and it has everything you could think of. Users can buy properties and real estate, put them on rent, host parties, exchange NFTs, create avatars, explore the virtual land, meet new people and make friends.

Decentraland started in 2015 and as of now, it’s one of the biggest decentralized metaverse projects. Other than Decentraland there are many other choices available as well, user can filter out the virtual worlds and select the best as per the requirements.

How to arrange a Wedding in Metaverse

To arrange the wedding in the metaverse, first of all, a good tech team is needed, Once the team is ready, you can start filtering out the choices of metaverses, and select the one that meets your requirements.

Once the metaverse platform or virtual world is selected, then avatars are supposed to be made, for the attire/outfits and jewellery, NFTs can be bought that are compatible with that specific metaverse. For the custom outfits, NFTs can be minted and applied to the avatar.

The next challenge is about the selection of plot, you can rent properties in metaverse or even buy the one if you wish to keep it. Depending upon the location and size, rent differs. Weddings can be also organized in public parks and other places inside metaverse, but it limits the modification of the plot.

Thus, in the end, digital wedding cards can be designed and shared, you can even mint wedding cards as NFTs, and share them with guests and the celebrate the wedding!

Metaverse Weddings till the date

Recently, one of the first metaverse weddings took place in a metaverse called ‘Yug’, it was a wedding function of an Indian couple, who belong from Tamil-Nadu, Dinesh Padmavathi and Janaganandhini Ramasamy decided to get married in the metaverse, and their wedding was hit event. It proves the accessibility of the technological era, that we are part of. Over 500 people attended the marriage and it didn’t violate any guidelines of covid as the wedding took place in the virtual world.

The team even manages to resurrect the bride’s late father, and his digital avatar was able to be part of the marriage. It’s the real magic of virtual reality, we can make our own rules and immerse ourselves in the world of our dream without affecting reality.

Guests were able to join the wedding from their homes and could interact with the avatars of the bride and groom, as well as other guests. As the reception was virtual, arrangements were made to serve real food and drinks at their home.

Virtual events are becoming more and more common, and the virtual wedding is a whole different idea, there are many challenges to making an event successful, but at the same time, these days it’s not necessary that the whole family lives together, or at the same place, or even in the same country. Sometimes, guests are not able to attend the wedding due to geographical limitations, virtual weddings on the other hand can connect every invited guest just through the internet and VR can provide an immersive experience as well, along with interactivity.


If you wish to have a princess wedding like in Disney’s fairy-tale, then it’s possible in the virtual world at an affordable cost. 

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