Top Nintendo Switch games in 2022 | Most popular games to explore on Nintendo Switch.


Nintendo Switch is one of the most popular console in market...

Xenoblade Chronicles 3 available now on Nintendo's online store!!!

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Animal crossing: New Horizon 

It's an escape to own personal paradise. In the beginning of game, you get a deserted island, you can decorate, modify it, craft new things from natural resources

The game is about building a community on deserted island from scratch, playing with friends, visiting their island, living together and making a world of your dreams.


ASTRAL CHAIN is a futuristic game, the few survivors of massive global disaster live together megacity.  

Now it's duty of survivors to preserve what they have and protect themselves from E.T. It's an amazing action game.


Celeste is a single-player adventure game. It has charming characters and amazing story of self-discovery.

DRAGON QUEST XI S: Echoes of an Elusive Age 

The game is about Luminary, The hunted hero who will protect the land. The game is full of battles and quests.  

It's one of the best RPG, Forge gears, develop battle skills and exchange outfits in this wonderful game.

The game is about war and tactical RPG battles. gameplay and graphics are super cool. The game is available for approx $60 on Nintendo's official site.

Fire Emblem: Three Houses HD