Sprite a subsidiary of Coca-Cola will no longer be selling its Drink in iconic green bottles in North America.

As per reports, Plastic waste is generated at a huge scale by Americans in the United States which is of 130Kg per annum.

Plastic materials being used for a long term have shown that they cause harm to people and the environment.

Chemicals and Ingredients used to make these plastic items are absorbed by our bodies and they alter hormones along with side effects.

Plastic is accompanied by chemicals that are consumed by animals resulting in injury to that animals and poisoning marine and wildlife.

These plastics are buried in Dumps, and harmful chemicals released from these plastic items spread to groundwater which results in disrupting marine life and habitats across the globe.

2 Liter bottles of Soft drinks in the United States are made by using PET - Polyethylene Terephthalate (PET) which is clear strong and safe plastic for contact with food and drinks.

1.5 Billion Pounds of PET bottles are recovered in the United States, but when we add color to the bottles it makes the process of recycling a bit difficult.

APR- Association of Plastic Recyclers explained how color bottles contain a pigment that causes contamination in PET Stream.

Coke replied "Sprite is going to experience the transition from green to transparent white bottles to increase material's likelihood of remaking into new beverage bottles"

Sprite Packaging Design will be the same as Green Color with a campaign of "Recycle Me".

Coca-Cola announced that Sprite will no longer be sold in Plastic Bottles of Green Color in North America.