JULY 2022

Canadian ECommerce Shopify lays off 10% Work Force

Shopify, One of the World's Top Ecommerce companies is going to lay off 10% of its workforce.

Know The Reasons behind Shopify Layoff


Shopify to lay off 1000 Employees due to slow growth in its business.

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The staff which is going to be affected will get a notification from Shopify today.

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Main Layoff will be in the Sales, Support, and Recruiting Departments.

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Shopify had 10,000 Employees on its staff, which is 2x of what it had before the pandemic. Now The layoff will be 10% of its total staff.

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During the Pandemic, Shopify evidenced immense growth in its services as Offline businesses had to shift online to make their sales and run it.

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With Respect to Demand, Shopify started hiring extensively to grab more consumers to provide its services to offline business sellers who sell products online.

In 2020, Shopify was the most valuable company in Canada, with a valuation of $300 Billion Made before Royal Bank Canada

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