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Top 5 Most Expensive NFTs of the World | You can also Invest in these NFTs

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With its terminology, the EXPENSIVE NFT world can be a swamp; however, a swamp. NFTs or tokens that cannot be reformatted have become the hottest trend in the past few years. Although are they?

NFT can be described as a cryptographic token that specifically defines an asset. Still confused, what are they? To understand this interesting new digital asset, check out our blog on NFT 101 for What You Need to Know.

Regarding cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology, there has been a huge leap in market capital growth and developments over the past year. The exponential growth extended to NFTs in 2021 and attracted the attention of the crypto community and traditional or traditional art collectors. With a digital space that appreciates blockchain again, the art market has seen the development of monetary meteorites.

The Merge by Pak – $91.8 million NFT

the merge by pak nft | worlds top 5 most expensive nfts

After generating nearly $100 million in December 2021, the Bay Association of Pak Bay became the most expensive NFT ever sold. It was bought by 28,983 collectors, reportedly making Pakistani artists the most expensive in the world.

But what is special in this case? As per the list of Nifty Gateways, Merger is an unusually dynamic NFT project built on an infinite canvas that has the potential to grow over time. This listing reads, ‘You can get as many mass units as you want for a 48-hour sale. You will get a dynamic NFT with your accumulation mass. With each “mass” awarded to the highest bidder, the artwork is a collection of art.

Everyday: The First 5000 Days by Beeple – $69.3 million NFT

beeple nft | worlds top 5 most expensive nfts

NFT auction at Christie’s? You believe it is special. Starting with an initial offer of around $100 by traditional clients, the artwork caught the attention of the crypto art community, which saw bids exceed $1 million in an hour.

Does that make it very interesting? Since 2007, American digital artist Michael Winkelman, known professionally as Bipple, has decided to create art daily. The artwork was completed in February 2021, and ‘5000 First Days’ became one of the most expensive NFTs ever sold and opened the way for mainstream audiences to explore open assets.

Fun Fact: This artwork was bought by Vignesh ‘Metkovan’ Sundaran – Founder Name Pseudo-Metappers, NFT Investment Fund. Sanderson then created the artwork for everyone to download.

Clock by Pak and Julian Assange – $69.3 million NFT

worlds top 5 most expensive nfts | clock by pak nft

Watch, an open token created by artist Pak and WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange, is a ticking clock that sold for over $69.3 million in February 2022. It features digital clocks that count down Assange’s prison days. Belmarsh London Prison, where he was detained awaiting extradition to the United States. The purpose of this NFT is to raise funds to protect Assange’s law and was eventually bought by Asanjadao – a collection of over 10,000 people to buy the NFT and support Assange.

Assange is one of the latest controversial figures to benefit from the decentralized autonomous organizations (DAOs) that were set up to support his cause, past traditional funds that collected sites and investigations. Huh. Coincidentally, in April 2021, NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden was also able to collect $5.4 million by selling NFTs marked by a United States Court of Appeals decision.

CryptoPunk #5822 — $23.7 million NFT

worlds most 5 expensive nfts | top 5 nfts | cryptopunk nft

It’s popular now, an NFT created by Laravel Labs Studio in February 2022 for $23.7 million. This chain, which has always been running in the “crypto sphere,” is here to stay. CryptoPank #5822 sales function as the largest ever NFT purchase of CryptoPank in history, and in June 2021, Sotheby’s “Natively Digital: A Curated NFT Sale” “Covid Aliens” CryptoPank #7523 “damaged” the previous sales record.

Inspired by the punk London scene, cyberpunk movements, and electronic music artists such as Duck Punk, it is a collection of tokens that cannot be improved upon in experimental projects, Kryptopans, and the Ethereum blockchain. The project was launched in June 2017 by a team of two people called Laravel Labs Studio, consisting of Canadian software developers Matt Hall and John Watkinson in June 2017. Recently, as reported by Elliptic, “Around $200,000 worth of CryptoPank NFTs (#5364) has also been sent to the Ukraine government’s Ethereum account to support their struggle in the war against Russia”.

Crossroad by Beeple – $6.6 million NFT

crossroad nft | top 5 most expensive nfts

Beeple Crossroads is a 10-second short-moving image sold in December 2020 for USD$6.6 million. It featured former US President Donald Trump lying on the ground but was ignored by the audience. Artist Mike Winkelman aka Beeple artworks are considered to give a contextual perspective to their audiences, who are particularly respected by the crypto art community.

And we at this moment end our round with the 5 most expensive NFTs ever. It can be safe to say that, on the one hand, the more popular NFTs on blockchain and marketplace technology may also tend to be pelted by a larger and more dynamic audience due to language and accessibility. We’re not sure what the future holds, but there’s hope for now.

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