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NVIDIA OMNIVERSE – Powerful VR Model Review, Features, Overview and Price | 2022

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An overview of Nvidia Omniverse

Nvidia Omniverse is a suite of 3d designing and rendering software provided by Nvidia. It helps in creating and connecting virtual worlds. It brings breakthroughs in cross-platform connectivity and it’s a 3D design collaboration platform.

Omniverse is an easily extensible and scalable multi-GPU, it features real-time and true-to-reality stimulation. NVIDIA omniverse provides a way of collaborating as a team on the same design, with real-time editing, and testing without rendering every time you make minor changes.

Features of NVIDIA Omniverse

Omniverse can enable digital twining of any real-life plot, for example, brands can develop digital versions of their real factory and can actually monitor them.

Omniverse supports cross-platform development of the 3D model in various software and environments. Omniverse doesn’t only boost complex 3d workflows, but it also enables new ways to visualize and stimulate your ideas and innovations.

It integrates such complex 3d technologies and provides the complete development solution on a single platform. Omniverse lets you connect with your team, and work together, with all the changes saved in real-time. For making this mammoth task possible, Omniverse is enabled with Universal Scene Description (USD).

What is Universal scene description (USD)?

Universal Scene Description (USD) is an easily extensible, open-source 3D scene description and file format developed by Pixar for content creation and interchange among different tools. This same USD serves the foundation of the Omniverse and makes cross-platform connectivity possible.

Enhanced digital twin and world simulation.

Digital twinning of real-world factories or manufacturing facilities is possible through the omniverse and many companies like BMW, Ericsson, and siemens energy, have developed their digital twin over the omniverse, this is physically accurate virtual replicas of objects, processes, and environments. Everything is constantly synchronized with real-world data inputs and enabled by AI.

Developers can build 3d spaces and objects easily and efficiently, with no code or very less python programming. So it saves time and effort when building on an omniverse platform.

Features of Nvidia Omniverse

  •       Omniverse is open and interoperable and open as it is based on USD, PhysX, and MDL open-source standards. It lets developers and creators connect to industry-leading 3d design tools and easily import dataset assets.
  •   Multi-GPU and multi-node scalable, so you can take advantage of increased computing power. It also improves output and increases productivity.
  •   Accessible to every audience, connect, collab and work as a team on the same project and enhance solutions
  •   Take advantage of multi-app workflows, Omniverse supports multi-app connectivity with over 20+ different apps, where 3d models and environments are developed and rendered. Omniverse supports multi-app connectivity with some of the best design apps including Autodesk 3DS MAX, Graph iSOFT ArchiCAD, Autodesk Arnold, Esri ArcGIS city engine, blender, Marvelous designer, Ipolog, etc.

Custom apps

Along with all these features, it is possible to design custom apps on the omniverse. Some of the purpose-built omniverse apps developed by NVIDIA include

Audio2face – It is developed with NVIDIA’s deep learning AI technology. It enables users to create 3d facial expressions and creates speaking lips movement for 3d avatars and characters.

NVIDIA Omniverse code – it serves as an IDE and lets developers build their micro applications on the omniverse platform. There are many pre-built codes available, and the platform is built to deliver maximum output with minimal code.

Omniverse creates – to simulate and render 3d scenes in real-time.

Drive sim – it’s a stimulator dedicated to self-driving cars.

NVIDIA Isaac Sim – for robotic arm stimulation application and synthetic data generation tool.

There are many such apps, and most of them are easily accessible for beginners as well.

Hence omniverse provides a complete suite required for developing a complete 3d virtual ecosystem and is immensely powerful.

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