Metaverse Impact on our Mental Health in 2022

As we know Metaverse is having several advantages which will enable us to improve the way of living but it also has some serious effects on our health. This article tells you about what impact does mental health have on a person, metaverse impact on mental health and, metaverse impact on mental health american, metaverse impact on mental health awareness

What is metaverse?

what is metaverse and use cases of metaverse in 2022

Metaverse is a virtual world, wherein people from all over the world can connect and interact, It is a virtual world that is made up of digital assets, wherein people from all over the world can connect with their digital avatars.

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As the world went through covid-19 and lockdown periods, online meetings and online schooling became the new normal. Virtual concerts and parties became new trends, People have started adapting a digital lifestyle and spending quality time on the internet.

Influence of Metaverse over World.

During covid time when the world was going through a rough time, the Web3 domain opened up new opportunities to the world, companies started to provide work from home, anyone can work from anywhere and geographic boundaries doesn’t affect work as long as you have a decent internet connection.

Metaverse Going to Change Corporate World

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In covid times, many MNCs started offering work from home, to avoid the gathering of people. Even meetings and office work were done online mostly.

Metaverse can be the answer to providing an office at home. There’s no need for boring online video meetings when we can create an immersive experience through the aid of VR. Office space and environment can be developed in a 3D world and all the employees can enter the same virtual office from their home or any corner of the world.

Along with many advantages, metaverse has some disadvantages as well, Excessive use of such immersive experiences might affect our sleep cycle and normal biological routine. It will make people lazier and socially anxious in real life.

Disadvantages of the Metaverse.

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Too much VR to access metaverse

Too much indulgence in the metaverse or virtual world might cause a problem in real life. They might not be able to differentiate between real life and virtual reality. Future generations may start buying virtual assets more than physical assets, and due to these factors, there are high chances of collapsing the global economy in the future.

In the virtual world, everything is possible, that is not the case in real life, if people will indulging themselves more in the virtual world rather than the real world, then the results might be catastrophic.

VR ‘Hangovers’

VR ‘Hangovers’, are the post-VR experience. It’s a result of living in a virtual world where things work according to your will, when a person returns to real life, he/she feels real life duller and starts losing interest in real-life. After having such an immersive experience, when a user is back to real life, it can make that person sad and depressed.

Lack of law and order in the metaverse

Forming up laws in the metaverse is another big issue, as anyone throughout the world can access the metaverse and all countries have different cyber rules and regulations. So how will metaverse overcome these problems?

Privacy and security threat

Privacy and security is another big challenge for metaverse, as identity theft is possible, someone with exactly the same avatar or by stealing your avatar might try to pretend it’s you. If proper security is not taken care of, then the digital assets of individuals are at risk of getting hacked and stolen.

Losing our true self

A study in 2010 found that after spending long hours in such an immersive world, people start feeling disconnected from their bodies and thoughts, which might result in anxiety attacks, hallucinations, etc.

There are many other problems regarding metaverse as well, for example, physical wellbeing and fitness are affected as well. One more problem is about children, parents are not able to track their social media, how will they track someone if that person is sitting in another corner of the world, and trying to manipulate kids on the metaverse?

Well, we’re still in the initial phase of the metaverse and if all precautionary measures are taken, then the metaverse can be used in better ways like medical, education, content sharing, socializing, etc.

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This is how we and our mental health is going to be affected by the Metaverse. Thanks for reading this article. This article is brought to you by the collective efforts of Metaverse Tech Club and Aarya Shah. You can also follow us on Instagram. Do let us know in the comments section how you liked the article.

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