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Meta vs Microsoft in the Metaverse Game! Know who will be the winner in this Tech Revolution

Metaverse is going to be a boom in the next years but this is not possible without the contribution of Meta and Microsoft. 2 Big Tech Giants are going to lead the industry. This article aims at meta vs microsoft, meta vs Microsoft blind, meta vs microsoft metaverse, microsoft metaverse vs facebook meta, meta vs objetivo, meta vs microsoft azure. You can have a glimpse at the Table of contents.

Table of Contents

What is Metaverse?

The metaverse is a virtual world that is made up of digital assets, wherein people from all over the world can connect with their digital avatars. The metaverse is built over web3.0

Since the beginning of web3.0, many tech giants and companies are working on VR solutions, as Virtual reality provides an immersive experience and lets users dive into the digital world.

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As we all know recently Mark Zuckerberg renamed Facebook to Meta. The renaming cost meta about $500 Billion as their share prices plunged after this move. The reason for this rebranding at such a massive cost was metaverse, Meta is aggressively investing and working on the idea of the metaverse.

Just like Meta, Microsoft is working on the idea of a metaverse, both companies have quite different visions when it comes to the metaverse, but at the same time, both companies wish to capitalize metaverse.

Vision: Meta VS Microsoft

meta vs Microsoft, meta vs Microsoft blind, meta vs microsoft metaverse, microsoft metaverse vs facebook meta, meta vs objetivo, meta vs microsoft azure.

While meta is focused on integrating social media and social networking in the metaverse, Microsoft aims to deploy metaverse for work purposes. Microsoft joined the race just a few weeks after Facebook was renamed, Meta.

Facebook is working on a long plan as it wishes to redefine the social media and move to the VR version of Facebook, it might take around 10 years for Facebook to fully unfold the idea. Facebook aims to create a virtual space where users can access its platform through Augmented Reality/ Virtual reality technologies.

Microsft on Metaverse 

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Microsoft is planning ‘Mesh’, which will be launched for Microsoft Teams soon. The new feature will use exactly the existing modes of teams including Together mode and presenter mode, but in a metaverse where people can interact with more degrees of freedom.

Over this platform, people will be able to gather in virtual offices and access shared spaces. Initially, this feature can be used through means of an avatar in Virtual spaces, and as time passes they aim to enhance virtual experiences by using holoportation to replicate life-like projection.

Virtual Reality Headsets

Meta Quest 2 / Oculus

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One of the most essential requirements to enter VR is VR headsets, to cope with this need, Meta owns Oculus, A brand that’s known for its VR headsets, Oculus/Meta Quest 2 proved to be a huge success for the company in terms of technological advancements but it didn’t meet the expectations of sales. This indicates that it will definitely take some time for users to adopt such technology in routine.

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Microsoft VR Products

Just like Meta’s Oculus, Microsoft has developed hololens. Currently, 3 different versions of Hololens are available on its official site. Unlike oculus headsets, Hololens targets industrial applications, and enterprises like Daimler, BMW, and Ford are already using this technology in manufacturing processes.

Meta Quest 2 Uniqueness

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Meta quest 2, supports spatial audio, it enhances the virtual experience and makes it more realistic. Meta quest 2 headset was a strategic move of the company to promote their social media platform Facebook in VR as the headset asks for a Facebook account to sign into the device.

Meta is soon to close one of the best VR Games in the Industry, Only for QUEST 1 Buyers

Microsft Team – Part of Metverse

Microsoft Teams, already have 250 million users. And as VR tech was introduced for teams in 2022, all the users can access it without any extra steps or additional charges. Thus, it provides an advantage to Microsoft in terms of the number of users. While Meta requires a specialized VR headset, it is not very cheap, additionally, the games that users would wish to play cost over $30+ per game, hence it won’t be accessible to a larger audience as of now.

But Meta has taken lead in terms of providing a more immersive and vivid Virtual reality experience. Once the user puts on the quest 2 headset, its metaverse looks very realistic, and spatial audio is icing on the cake. As a matter of fact, meta quest 2 is one of the most affordable headsets of its kind. But the only problem is most of the attractive games are not available for free on the quest store.

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Budget Friendly VR Products

It is expected that more cost-friendly headsets with more free games might be launched in the future to upscale the number of users. But this transition will take time and slowly the world will adapt to the change and VR might be the next breakthrough in many fields, including education, gaming, shopping, meeting, etc.

Vision of Microsoft

Microsoft intends to use metaverse for business, education, and training while meta is more focused on using it for social networking and building social networks of the future. Both the companies have kept a very strong foothold in the metaverse and have made worthy efforts in building their own virtual ecosystems. 

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