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Meta is soon to close one of the best VR Games in the Industry, Only for QUEST 1 Buyers

Meta recently announced that It is going to shut down the most popular VR Games Support from Quest 1. The article aims at meta quest 1, meta quest 1 price, meta quest 1 games, quest 1 vs quest 2, difference between quest 1 and quest 2, is quest 2 better than quest 1

Meta formerly known as  Facebook is known for its massive stake in the Metaverse and How it is promoting the concept of Blockchain, Virtual Reality, and Augmented Reality.

The biggest news coming from the Industry is revolving around How ‘Meta is going to pull back its support from Quest 1 for Population by 31 October.

Meta Increased Price of Quest 2

Near about the same time, Meta increased its Quest 2 Headset’s Price, announcing its ending Quest 1 for the famous battle-royale shooter set – ‘POPULATION ONE. 

BigBox Virtual Reality, owned by Meta is the developer behind the game shared this update over a new blog post on their website that QUEST 1 Stakeholders will no longer be able to play the VR Game by 31 October.

BigBox VR stated in their statements that the shutdown of the game is necessary so that they can focus on their further projects in which they will work on developing new and next-level experiences that will be pushing the lines of Multiplayer VR. Players will be able to play games if they are having an expensive VR Ready Computer.

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Quest 1 enables PC Version

Quest supports cross-buy that enables the PC Version available in the market via Oculus Link and Air Link. This will make the game: Populate 1 playable for users by connecting their QUEST 1 VR Headset to their PC. 

We advise you to get Quest 2 since it will be a future-proof option for playing games to be released in the future also.

Refund for  Quest 1 Users from Meta

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If you think that Meta has done something wrong with you in terms of Money and Refund, then don’t worry as Meta is going to offer a refund to Quest 1 Owners refund for Population: One but there is one condition for the same as you should have purchased the game from Quest Official Store in the last 6 Months. 

Some users are finding this policy of refund unfair because Meta launched Quest 2 years back, and there are thousands of consumers who have purchased the game, and they will not be able to play the game.

Now If you ask how you will be able to play then you have only one option in which you will have to upgrade to Quest 2 Air / Oculus Link which will require an expensive Virtual Reality PC.

Population. The shutdown of one raises questions about whether other developers will soon end support for, the three-year-old Quest 1. 

Meta spokesperson CaitiSullivan stated in a statement, that the company is currently “working out details of an ecosystem-wide end-of-support process” and that other developers who wish to discontinue support for Quest 1 in the future will be able to do so.

While I understand that older systems may not be supported forever, announcing a price hike and leaving Quest 1 owners without a game to play is like a double blow to the gut. 

Jay Peters, my colleague points out that Meta could raise the Quest 2’s price and possibly even push users towards it to offset the losses its virtual reality arm reported during the first as well as the second quarter of 2022.

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