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Meta Quest 2: The Powerful VR Headset Review and Features Explained

Meta Quest 2 is also known as oculus quest 2. This article tells you about meta quest 2 games, meta quest 2 price increase, meta quest 2 price, meta quest 2 review, meta quest 2 128GB, meta quest 2 accessories, meta quest 2 VR headset, meta quest 2 controller

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Meta Quest 2 is one of the most affordable VR headsets at a price point of $299. This headset won’t be replaced anytime soon so even when it’s a year and a half old, it’s still worth purchasing.

What are its best features and downsides?

meta quest 2 games, meta quest 2 price increase, meta quest 2 price,

VR experience of quest 2 – Quest 2 offers an immersive experience like no other device. It does have a fitness component which makes it perfect for a break. Speakers are in-built into a headset that emits sound just outside your ear. The sound of the headset is clear and crisp, and no additional bass. It produces 3d crisp audio.

The controllers have multiple triggers, buttons, and joy consoles. Each controller is powered by a AA battery. And the battery lasts quite a long, approximately 6 months. The headset lasts closer to 2 hours on a single charge, while the company claims a battery life of 2-3 hours. Recharging the quest 2 headset is easy, just plugin type c table.

Depending on the FPS rate, the headset might warm if a 120Hz frame rate is selected, and it might cause users to sweat.

In terms of comfort, the headset is pretty okay, can be used for 30-45 minutes easily, and it’s perfectly comfortable.

Meta quest 2 is easy to set up, and the tracking of controllers and 3d effects is very smooth. The controller overall is very responsive.

Guardian boundary and passthrough system helps the user not to get hit by Furniture as it creates a virtual boundary on the floor. If the user crosses that boundary then the headset alerts the user saving him/her from crashing into the TVs or furniture. Meta keeps on updating the headset with new safety as well.

When a user needs to check the surroundings without taking off the headset, Passthrough mode is beneficial, it’s accessible easily just by a simple gesture and you can check out if you won’t bump into objects surrounding you or if there’s a visitor waiting at doorstep without actually taking off the headset.

The quest even has a calorie burn overlay, and when you look upwards, you can see how many calories have burned so far while using the headset. Users can even set a calorie burn goal. There are a lot of fitness games that allow you to do much more. Soon apple users will be able to export their activity stats from Quest and move to the Apple health app.

Downsides of Meta Quest 2

There aren’t many free trials of the games. So in order to try a game, a user will need to purchase it.

There are quite a few free games, but most of the games that a user would like to try are paid. All games are purchased through the quest’s store. It can be connected to a PC, making it possible to play games that are not available on the quest store.

Another downside with quest 2 is it requires a Facebook login to use the device.

This is a pretty good product according to the price point. No other product in the market can deliver such an immersive experience at such a price point.

Quest 2 is a great preview for future VR technology and gives a unique experience to Xbox, PS4, and Nintendo gaming consoles. The console is not suitable for multiplayer as it gets too expensive if multiple headsets are to be used.

Pro-tip for Meta Quest 2 Consumers by MTC

Try sidequest, for mod apps of quest headset, it lets you play fan versions of games on PC, and lets you play PC games over the headset, SideQuest also lets you import custom songs in the light saber game.

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