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How To Create and Sell VR Games in Metaverse? | Make Money in Metaverse 2022

VR Games look like a fun-to-do thing when we see them in the metaverse but If I say You can make money through it. This article tells you about selling vr games in metaverse, make money in metaverse, best vr metaverse games, epic games vr metaverse, how to make money in metaverse, and best way to make money in metaverse.

How to Create and monetize VR games to make money in the Metaverse is the 4th article of the Series “Make Money in Metaverse”. Blockchain gaming will be completely redefined by these projects. This might be the future of Virtual worlds after Decentraland. You can have a glimpse of the Table Of Contents.

Table of Contents

Platforms to sell your VR Games and Make Money in Metaverse

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As with 3D accessories, VR could be used to design and publish complete games. You don’t necessarily need to have advanced technical skills. To make money with this source, people can combine storytelling skills with VR design platforms such as Horizon Worlds. Google’s famous dinosaur game’s VR Version can be equally successful for user adoption and monetization.

Have a look at the next mentioned platforms that can be useful to Promote, Create, and Monetize your VR Game Development Skill.


Acknoledger is an innovative web 3.0 project. It Maps, Monetizes and distributes Web 3.0 Digital assets across a variety of metaverses and gaming NFTs. Acknoledger helps to monetize digital assets of web 2.0 and web 3.0 in form of NFTs; hence, it gives a unique identity to your content/digital asset through its ecosystem and tools.

Another major factor behind the metaverse and NFT trade is marketing and distribution and Acknoledger solves and smoothens this process by spreading assets and content to multiple metaverses through mapping. And hence you can use your NFTs over multiple platforms.

This provides a new spectrum of opportunities for institutions and retail investors. It helps in forming a bridge between multiple metaverses.

Acknoledger targets Indexing all the NFTs across all the Gaming, Metaverses, and NFT Marketplaces, so that NFT collectors can leverage the insights for informed decision making and helping existing Web 2.0 and Web 3.0 content platforms to monetize their content as NFTs through our APIs and channels.

Ex populus

EX Populus is a Web 3.0 video game development studio, the studio is backed by some people who have worked with Pixar, DreamWorks, Netflix, electronic arts, and many more.

Ex Populus is one of the most exciting projects in the web 3.0 segment. It aims to bring joy to people around the globe with its new upcoming games and work with the next generation of elite content creators and bring their games to Web3 and metaverse. Ex Populus has a plan to launch its own Metaverse in the near future.

Ex Populus has an amazing range of NFTs which you can check on their website and soon they’re launching a free-to-play online multiplayer game. It is one of the best-looking NFT gaming projects out right now.


It is one of the coolest metaverse projects out in the Web3 space. Netvrk has an insane level of upside potential with a huge vision and scope.

The native netvrk token allows the users to purchase a variety of different assets throughout the universe. These assets can be anything like buildings, houses, vehicles, or avatars. It’s one of the best platforms that offer advertisements space and is continuously adding new ways by which users can make legitimately earn passive income. They have shown healthy growth and development since its inception.

The netvrk token can be also used to generate NFTs. Hence it opens new pathways for users to invest and earn, create a valuable asset, and trade it. Netvrk has a huge and bullish community which helps the platform to grow and it is listed on many popular DEX and CEX in the crypto space.

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Rent the digital properties that you own in Metaverse and host advertisements.

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One more way to make money from virtual real estate is to rent the properties you own and generate revenue.

You can rent real estate properties to people or businesses, Many brands like Nike, Rolex, Adidas, etc. They usually like to rent properties for advertisements, promotions, and mini stores. People are paying millions of dollars for parcels of land.

Facts – Someone even paid $450,000 for land next to snoop dog’s land.

Decentraland is the second largest digital world, and it crossed over $110 Million worth of transactions in digital real estate in the year 2021 alone.

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Top industries for metaverse monetization!

Retail Consumer goods and services

Retail consumer space is booming with metaverse with many companies building their own 3d virtual shops for an immersive experience. Ecommerce will be completely redefined by metaverse.

Real estate

Real estate in the metaverse is quite similar to real estate in the real world. People can buy/sell land. Invest in properties. Develop their own virtual space, host events, and rent their plot for advertisements. We have penned a full article on How You Can Make Money in Metaverse by Real Estate.

NFTs trading

NFTs are considered to be an asset in the virtual world. You can create your own NFT collection or invest in the one that exists. NFTs could be anything like digital art, 3D objects, avatars that you can use in the virtual world, etc. basically proves your ownership of the virtual asset. Many brands and celebs have started developing their own NFT collection and anyone can invest in that NFTs.

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