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Become NFT Artist and Make Money in Metaverse in 2022 | Make Money with NFTs

NFTs are trending all across metaverse, In this article, we will tell you how you can make money in Metaverse by becoming NFT Artist. This article aims at nft artist earn money as an artist, nft artist earn money and make money, nft artist earn money as a kid, nft artist earn money at home, nft artist earn money apps, nft art earn money app, nft artist earn money by playing games, nft artist earn money by playing, nft artist earn money by selling, nft artist earn money by selling art.

Become NFT Artist in Metaverse is the 5th Article of the Series “Make Money in Metaverse”. A metaverse is a place where you can change your imagination into reality. And artists are at the heart of metaverse. Right from the creation of the world, to the creation of digital assets, Artists play a very important role. You can have a glimpse of the Table of Contents.

Table of Contents

NFTs X Artists | Make Money in Metaverse by selling NFTs

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By converting their art into NFTs and trading those NFT tokens, artists can make good money, such unique NFT collections are traded for millions of dollars on a platform like, Decentraland, and Sandbox.

Artists can also join developers’ programs at metaverses, wherein they have to enhance user experiences and add more digital assets to the metaverse. Many metaverses pay a handsome amount for contributing to their metaverse platform.

Artists can also make an art gallery of their digital artwork on metaverse and participate in exhibitions, etc. sell their NFTs and earn money as well as royalties in some cases.

Ways for freelance artists to earn money in the metaverse

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By contributing to the developer’s programs.

One of the best ways for artists to earn money over metaverse is by joining developers’ programs of any metaverse.

What is a Developers program and how you can become part of it?

Developers’ programs are also known as partnerships programs, Many metaverses in their initial phases require many developers and artists to add life to their metaverse by creating 3d scenes, monuments, buildings, artwork, etc., and to expand their metaverse and make it attractive, they let good artists contribute on their platform and in return, they give rewards and digital assets.

There are many open source and decentralized metaverses as well where anyone can contribute to it. While some of the metaverses are owned by private companies. To apply as a contributor on their platform you might require a good fanbase on Twitter as you need to mention your Twitter handle while applying on platforms like Acknoledger.

Minting NFTs and Trading them.

Many artists have made millions of dollars by this method

Converting your digital artwork into NFT by minting tokens over a blockchain is the most popular way of making money on metaverse. Artists can make collections of digital artwork, it can be anything like GIF animations, digital drawings, Audio clips, and Video clips. The most famous format is digital drawings. Artists can make their unique collection of NFTs and showcase them over platforms like or Sandbox. is the largest platform where NFTs are traded. Some of the top collections of NFT are worth millions of dollars. One such famous collection is the Bored Ape Yacht Club collection.

Making digital art NFTs for big brands.

Many big brands like Nike, Adidas, Gucci, Under Armor, and Skechers have entered metaverse. Likewise, more brands will be entering and those brands make their own NFTs for which they either hire NFT artists or host contests and winners get rewards.

To join brands you can apply on the brand’s website in career options.

Developing 3d spaces for others over metaverse.

3d artists can make good money by developing 3d spaces and real estate for other people. Many people and companies prefer to develop their real estate property and 3d artists play an important role here.

Decentraland and Sandbox are two such metaverses where people buy real estate land inform of parcels and they wish to develop them. Artists can develop 3d properties and charge them according to the size and features of that property.

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Since its inception, Metaverse has opened gateways for digital artists and content creators to showcase their artwork and even trade it in form of a digital asset known as NFTs. NFTs or non-fungible tokens could be anything starting from images, digital arts, GIFs, short clips, etc. NFT adds your creation over a blockchain through a process called minting and proves ownership of your digital asset.

You can Read This: How To Open an Art Gallery in Metaverse | Make Money in Metaverse in 2022?

Artists, brands, and collectors can showcase their NFTs in virtual worlds and even do exhibitions or auctions of their NFTs. Many art galleries exist in different metaverses. Some of them are private art galleries owned by individual NFT collectors and artists. While other galleries are owned by institutions, brands, etc. Many brands have virtual stores to showcase their products and presence over the metaverse.

1. Buy/rent a plot or a shop where you can establish an art gallery. Depending upon the metaverse (Decentraland, sandbox, etc) and the location of the gallery, prices differ just as it does in real estate.

2. Buy NFTs or mint them if you are an artist. You can either collect NFTs by buying them or mint your NFTs and place them in your art gallery.

3. Optional – one need to have a 3-d layout for the shop, if they want a customized shop design.g

Some of the best metaverse for art galleries include Decentraland, Sandbox. Other than that 5 main platforms help in building up the art gallery. They are

•         Spatial

•         CrytoVoxels

• (Free)

• (Free)

•         Moduluc/Enviro 

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