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Gym Class VR – Basketball Game raised 8 Million in seed round exclusively

Gym Class VR is the Basketball VR Game that raised funding of 8 Million recently. The article tells you about gym class vr, gym class vr discord, gym class vr game, how to height glitch in gym class vr, how to play gym class vr, gym class vr pfp, gym class vr mods, gym class vr app lab, gym class vr app.

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Gym Class VR game raised $8 million in a seed round.

Gym Class is one of the most popular VR basketball games on the Meta Quest App lab, the game has crossed over a million downloads. As the world is approaching AR/VR technology, more and more innovations are taking place, and developers are expanding the efficiency and capabilities and finding new and new real-life as well as practical usages of such technology. 

The game supports Quest and Quest 2 headsets. Practice shooting, passing, and dunking at your home and play online for up to 8 hours. The game lets you connect with up to 8 players and supports multiplayer mode. It is developed by IRL Studios Inc and was released on 26th January 2021.

Overview of GYM CLASS VR

gym class vr, gym class vr discord, gym class vr game, how to height glitch in gym class vr, how to play gym class vr, gym class vr pfp, gym class vr mods, gym class vr app lab, gym class vr app.

Since its release, the game has seen good progress and crossed almost a million downloads this month. 92% of the users have given a 5-star rating to this game. The game lets you play basketball from your room itself, no need to go out in the rain and snow when you got a basketball court in your room.

The investment was provided by Andreessen Horowitz, the venture capital firm to further develop the game.

Gym class VR is available at Meta’s App lab, connects players from all over the world in virtual reality, and lets them compete with each other, it lets the player use their real-life basketball skills in the virtual world.

IRL Studios Co-founder says, “Our goal is to build a digital sport and create digital basketball superstars”, It seems like they are one step closer to their goal now. The game has amassed over 64 million views on TikTok from the players who share in-game content on their social media handles.

The future of social networks is games, virtual worlds, digital sports, etc as per the opinion of Andrew Chen, one of the partners in Andreessen Horowitz. He further added that Gym class is the dawn of digital sports, It has the right path and the right team behind it to work upon the social VR and realize its true potential.

Beginning of Gym Class VR

The game was developed by a group of basketball-loving friends who were involved in the tech industry, the initial version was a result of their side gig, the game was developed in 2020 with a goal to recreate the Basketball game in VR.

Social products are becoming less social these days though social media is supposed to bring people together says Katsen. And with the same vision, the team started working on this interesting project as a side gig, developed Gym Class VR in 2020, and had a prototype the following year.

Gym Class Vr Gameplay

The game supports multiple modes once the user enters the game, there is a shootout mode, passing drills, or playing in an open court. To play with friends and people across the world, there’s an option for ‘Public court’, which supports one on one and three vs three. The customization of the avatar is possible as well.

In conventional basketball video games, the player is usually sitting on a couch, relaxing and playing games, whereas in VR the player actually needs to mimic the basketball move and use joysticks in order to play. Hence it will keep the user physically fit and active while enjoying the game.

The game is available for free on Meta AppLab and has 92% 5star ratings. With this funding, they plan to invest in new features and grow the community, says the founder. Soon this game will be launched over the Oculus store.

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