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How To Create Safe Space in Virtual Reality World for Kids in 2022?

Web 3.0 and Metaverse are the latest Technology and It also seems interesting but you also need to pay attention to the safety of kids in Metaverse. Setting up Virtual Reality space for kids is one of the most needed things in the creation of Metaverse. Virtual Reality is having a lot of things which include good as well as bad so categorising it for your kids is mandatory. what are the dangers of virtual reality | do you need a lot of space for vr | how much space is recommended for vr | do you need space for vr

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What is VR?

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VR stands for virtual reality. It provides an immersive experience and let user dive into the digital world from their own place. VR is opening up new horizons and setting up new benchmarks for the accessibility of Web3.0 and connecting the world through the internet. VR can be used in meetings, training, schooling, socializing, and in a variety of other applications as well.

Usually, VR glasses for such indulging and immersive experience, when VR glasses are used in limited area space, there are high chances that you might hit into surrounding furniture while being in the virtual world. To avoid this many brands that manufacture VR headsets have an inbuilt feature of creating a virtual boundary usually in the form of a square area of a specific size. If the user steps out of that virtual boundary, the user gets an alert notification.

Let us know to set up the perfect place for the best VR experience, especially when children are using it.

Setting up VR space for children?

Setting up VR glasses in a modern home is not that easy, as users would often end up colliding with their surroundings when their eyes are coved with the headset. Such disturbances often create unpleasant experiences. This might not be a matter of concern for grown-ups, but when it comes to children, all safety and precautionary measures should be taken care of.

Setting up VR space is not only about clearing out clatter, it also includes creating proper foot space, as well as space for moving hands.

Step 1 – Choosing the perfect space!

A proper room with ample space for hand movements, also the space shouldn’t have a lot of leg traffic. Cause kid might end up striking his leg into a cabinet or maybe the couch. Ideally, Kid’s playroom or basement can be the perfect VR space for kids. Just make sure that place should have a good internet connection.

Step 2 – Check out the minimum required space.

Minimum required space is usually mentioned in the VR headset’s user guide. Generally, the recommended space is 6.5*6.5 sq. feet of carpet area. And the minimum required carpet area is around 3.5*3.5 sq. feet. Make sure that the space is away from doors, windows, furniture, and wall. And if you are playing games including fitness and sports then consider placing a comfortable carpet in the VR space.

Step 3 – Try staying away from the reflecting surface.

Try staying away from reflecting as well as light-emitting devices including TV, windows, mirror, etc, as it might interfere with the motion tracking of the VR headset. If there’s no choice to be quite away from reflecting surfaces, then covering them up with a cloth is advisable.  

Step 4 – Make room for guardian boundary or geofencing.

As mentioned earlier, all obstacles should be removed from the minimum required carpet space. Guardian boundary or geofencing is a virtual boundary that your headset creates on your floor, when a user steps out of that specific boundary then the user is alerted to move back into VR space. To configure the virtual boundary, a proper space is need to be created.

Step 5 – The final step.

Recheck and re-examine all the previous steps. Before letting kids play with the VR headset, test it well, and try a few kids’ games and stimulators to make sure that it’s safe. Once everything is ready, let your kids immerse into the world of VR.

In Virtual reality, kids can live their dreams, they can step on the moon, travel through space, or look for treasure in the deep mysterious seas. VR is all about endless possibilities. Investing in a good VR headset, and a good VR space is definitely worth it if you’re a tech geek or just a wanderer.

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This was the whole guide on how you can set up a safe space for your kids in Virtual Reality and Metaverse.  

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